super heavy samurai general jade ( j-aid) or what a friend of mine refers to as crummy pendulu m big benkei is an earth pendulum monster so you can add him and coral to the hand with frontline observer or brig him or coral out with dragon dowser. he has 1800 ATK and 2800 DEF has a scale 1 and in the pendulum zone he can add a star to a superheavy samurai monster on the field. on the field he can change himself into defense mode, he can also attack in defense mode, but like all non big benkei superheavy samurais that can attack in defense mode, he can't grant other monsters the same power. but the one bad thing about hi in the pendulum zone is you can only pendulum summon superheavy samurai monster i suggest running 1 or 2

ATK 1800

DEF 2800