superheavy samurai general coral (core-ale) is an earth pendulum monster with a scale of 8. but be careful if you have a spell or trap card in your graveyard his scale changes to 4. he is not the kind of card you want on the field unless you have a superheavy samurai soulbreaker armor, or a superheavy samurai soul claw, because he has a measly 300 ATK and 500 DEF. but he can let you draw a card or 2 because once per turn depending on how many superheavy samurais you send to the grave yard between 1 and 2 you can draw that many cards, but lets not forget the main reason why this card is so good, once per turn if he is in the pendulum zone and a super heavy samurai monster you control destroys a monster by battle it can attack twice in a row. man that is a good effect

ATK 300

DEF 500