superheavy samurai big benkei (big ben-kay) is the most power full of the non synchro monsters in the arc-type. he was also one of the first cards in the set. with a whopping 3500 DEF points and a measly 1000 ATK points it is good and bad good. it is an 8 star monster that can attack with its 3500 DEF points. on top of that he allows the other super heavy samurai monsters to attack in defense mode he is easy to summon with cards like superheavy samurai big waraji, superheavy samurai flutist, marmiting captain. but giant rat is an essential, he is really easy to abuse, and he can let you summon big benkai easily. and it is easy to swarm him with inferno reckless summon.

ATK 1000

DEF 3500


level 8