is an arch type focusing on an only monster deck its style is building a strong defense and still attacking, but you can't have any spell or trap cards or the deck is hen crippled witch is why the only spell or trap card i have is the continuous spell card machina armored unit. some powerful superheavy samurai monsters can attack in defense mode. like the synchros or big benkei. but you can summon almost all of them from your deck with giant rat, cause of there low attack points, witch is a strength and a weakness. but since there about attacking in defense mode, they are weak to cards like dark mirror force, blast juggler, battle mania, and red dragon archfiend will decimate the field. but they are immune to cards like mirror force, and security orb, witch is a plus. it is also the card type used by gong strong in the yu-gi-oh arc v anime, it is used because it suites his heavy strong duel style.